About Us

Blossom Creek Coffee Farm is located in the central mountainous community of Las Quebradas, Santa Barbara, Honduras. The farm is approximately 150 acres with 3 fixed structures and 3 coffee micro lots in existence.

Our Vision:

To cultivate in people a deep and intimate love for Jesus. 

Our Mission

We will joyfully work to provide gospel centered education, employment and experiences to bring God glory.

Our Origin

Mr. Erik Fernandez donated the farm to our non profit organization A.M.B.B.H. after meeting David Guevara and identifying a mutual interest tin seeing the Gospel of Jesus change lives and providing hope the people in Honduras

After a few years of praying, planning and research it became evident that there was a great need for education and employment in this area. Blossom Creek Farm was officially started in February 2019 to meet these needs. Blossom Creek Farm will work in partnership with our N.G.O. to provide education both in the training center at the farm and in rural areas of Honduras as well as provide employment for people in the community. The lack of a livelihood in communities like Las Quebradas has been a root cause of emigration from Honduras. There is dignity and satisfaction in work. People want to work. Desperation sets in  when fathers and mothers cannot provide for the basic needs of food, clothing, education, and home for their children due to a lack of employment opportunities. Men and women would rather risk their lives and pursue the “American Dream” in hopes to provide for their loved ones instead of watching them suffer in poverty and hopelessness.