Here are the ways to serve on the ground in Honduras.

Short-Term Teams

Short-term mission is for those who want to be a tangible help to Blossom Creek on the field. We host a variety of teams, but all teams have the following commonalities…a) Team Leader(s), b) Team members, approximately 5-15, c) 3 year commitment, and d) A heart to love others more than themselves.

Click Here to view upcoming trips that you can apply to be a part of.

-If you have interest in leading a team to BC, please complete our Leader Interest Survey

Leading short-terms missions trips allows us to form a cross-cultural network of relationships, apply our unique giftings, better partner with missionaries in ministry and on special projects, and watch God work in amazing and personal ways. Short-missions will change your life.
David & Karen
Testimonial 1
After bringing multiple trips to Blossom Creek, we have seen the impact this has had in building relationships with the people in the community. Those participating on the trips, having to step out of their comfort zone, have grown in their faith!
Caleb & Kerry
Testimonial 2

Individual & Family Involvement

This is a great way to visit another culture and contribute to a mission that will outlive any one person or family! 

Family units and individuals who see a need they could partner in outside of joining a short-term team are encouraged to contact us via email at blossomcreekhn@gmail.com.

My husband and I had the privilege to take our 16-year-old daughter with us as we ventured out to see how we could come alongside the G-family in Honduras. Our intent was to scope out how and where medical missions could be done on an established basis. We wanted to give to the Honduran people. However, what happened is that we as a family found another home in the hearts of the people of Honduras. Their way of life and beautiful souls are imprinted on us. While we were the fore a specific purpose, our daughter found her fire for mission and earnestly seeking how she can become involved. She had the change to run a 5k with the Guevara kids and we were fortunate enough to be there at the time of Festival de Las Flores. While we left part of our hearts in Honduras, we came back with a new family in the Guevaras, a loving second home in Honduras, and passion for the ministry at Blossom Creek.
Al & Candace
Testimonial 1
As a child my parents took me to visit missionaries on a foreign field and even though I was young, it ignited a spark within me that has lit a desire to be involved in missions today. For this reason, my wife and I felt it very important to give our four children this experience as well. We believe taking our family to Honduras has helped form young hearts into those that look at the bigger picture in life, to realize there is more to this life than what they see around them in their 1st-world influences. Spending time with the Guevara family and their fellow labourers in Honduras was an experience that began and extended wonderful relationships that continue to deepen after our return to Canada and each of us feel we have made lifetime friends and co-labourers in God's work.
Testimonial 2

Taste & See Tour


The “Taste and See” tour is a 3-4 day experience offered throughout the year where you are invited to fly down to Honduras, tour the farm (see, pick, smell, taste coffee and watch it being processed), hear testimonies of people involved with the farm, hear the ministry vision from Blossom Creek leaders, stay on the farm and enjoy these few days of immersion in the local culture as well as hear about current needs of the farm and how you can be involved. God is definitely at work at Blossom Creek and we’d love for you to consider how you can join what He is doing here. A great way is for you to come see for yourself! 

Email blossomcreekhn@gmail.com with a subject line “Taste & See (your last name)” for inquiries.