Get Involved

You’re invited to experience God through Blossom Creek–the mountain and ministry.  We sum up the multiple methods of involvement in the following categories.


It’s been said that prayer doesn’t just fuel the ministry, but IS the ministry. Which one of us begins our relationship with God without prayer, and which one of us experiences our relationship growing with even more prayer? We ask that you remember us in your prayers as you approach the throne of God, and we love to remember you before our Father as well! For a list of our current prayer requests visit our Prayer page.

This is our personal favorite method. It’s when you GO from where you are to COME to Honduras. Currently, we have multiple short-term teams that join us annually, as well as individuals, couples, or families who come from a few days to help with smaller projects or a few months to intern with us. The possibilities of what you might come for are almost endless. Check out the on-the-ground opportunities you can apply to be part of on  HERE.

This may be the easiest way to be tangibly involved in God’s work here. We understand that many are not able to participate by hopping on an airplane to come, so we appreciate the sacrifice of your finances, time, or other means of giving. You are just as much a part of God’s work as those who Go! Contribute to the General Fund or visit our specific needs & projects Funding Page