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Interns Welcomed!

Meet a young lady who's taking 12 months after high school to serve and seek God's leading for her life! Download her story below! Lydia-ScottDownload

We Love Our Partners

A phone call, a text or a picture can never take the place of a handshake, a hug, or a personal visit. I guess one of the most valuable things we can ever give someone is TIME. Many who choose to partner with us have taken TIME to come to Honduras to shake an outstretched hand, to give some hugs, and to spend TIME on any given afternoon enjoying some BlossomCreek Coffee with a new friend in El Cielito or Las Quebradas. We welcome Allison Colette to our growing family of partners. BlossomCreek seeks to empower, employ and develop those who are in great need in Honduras. Do you want to find out what it means to be "in need?" I invite you ...


How can a dormant coffee farm and a nearby community be brought back into harmony again? It's no small task, but that is what is happening in the Santa Barbara growing region of Honduras. The Blossom Creek Coffee farm is coming back to life and the community of Las Quebradas is reaping the benefit. It's an exciting story that has many chapters that have yet to be told. https://youtu.be/N_uFCNjlqCU

Ministry Training Center

The training center will host pastors and church leaders, equipping them with solid Biblical training and hermeneutical principles. The center will also train local farmers in organic farming methods, helping them become better stewards of God's resources. Donate Towards This Project https://youtu.be/MXeQgGRh0Bo